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This Hotel Suite Lets You Sleep Underwater!

Unlike in The Godfather, in Dubai sleeping with the fishes is actually a good thing. Imagine going to sleep with the view of thousands of fish all exotic in nature from the comfort of your bed. At Atlantis The Palm, this is exactly the kind of experience guests can have. Of course, this experience has a hefty price tag, but I believe that the experience of sleeping under the tranquility of the warm glow from the ocean is worth it. Today we're going to dive deep and take a short tour of the underwater hotel suites in the Atlantis The Palm hotel.

Atlantis The Palm Dubai, is a luxury hotel which is located in the middle of the manmade archipelago Palm Jumeriah, in the United Arab Emirates. This resort is actually the first one to be built on the island. Atlantis opened its door to the public in 2008. It is named and themed after the mythical city of Atlantis. There is also an Atlantis Resort found in Paradise Island, Nassau Bahamas.

To date, there are over 1,548 rooms which include the East & West Tower which are linked together by the Royal Bridge Suite. This hotel features the Aquaventure water park and the Lost Chambers Aquarium which houses over 65,000 marine animals. This record-breaking Resort has been known to attract many tourists.

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Now that we have gotten the lay of the land, let us take a dive into the main topic!

Underwater suites have grown in popularity over the past few years. From viral photos and videos being shared on Pinterest and Instagram to Kim Kardashian posting “I have a stingray as a boyfriend now" while taking pictures in her Instagram photo ready suite.

The underwater suites are wrapped over three floors. En route to the underwater suites guests will have to take a private elevator to the suite's lavish & intimate lounge.

These rooms feature beautiful floor-to-ceiling windows which give visitors a stunning view of the 65,000 marine animal aquarium. You can enjoy this marvelous view from your bed or even the marble bathtub inside of your suite's bathroom.

If you've read this far into the article you deserve a fun fact!

Fun Fact: Did you know that this hotel is armed with its own missile attacking system that protects guests in case an attack is launched by a terrorist.

The prices to stay in these rooms can start from $314 per night and can reach up to $25,000 for a single night stay at the hotel! Check-in for guests is open 24 hours throughout the week.

Besides the beautiful underwater rooms, the hotel offers a list of extras for anyone staying at the Signature Suites! Some of the extra amenities offered are:

  • The undivided attention of a 24-hour on-call private butler

  • Daily continental breakfast

  • 30-60 minutes extra added to any 60 minutes ShuiQi Spa visit

  • A complimentary private cabana at the pools, beach, or at Aquaventure

  • Priority Reservations at world-class restaurants

  • A complimentary visit to dolphin encounters

  • Access to the vitality pool, steam room, and sauna at the ShuiQi facilities

  • Private beach access

So it is clear that you aren't just paying for an underwater room but an experience!

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