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The Legends of the Ghosts, A look into the Rolls Royce Silver Ghost & the 2021 Ghost

The Rolls Royce Ghost which was first unveiled at the 2009 Frankfurt Motor show is hitting the road and on the market. We decided that we’re going to take a closer look at the staple of luxury cars The Rolls Royce Ghost and the car that it pays homage to, its predecessor the Silver Ghost (1906-1926).

The Rolls Royce Silver Ghost

The Silver Ghost is of timeless value. It is known as one of the most important cars in automobile history. At the time of its production, some have said that it not only revolutionized modes of transportation but also the production of luxury automobiles.

The Silver Ghost was first unveiled at the 1906 Olympia Motor Show. It began production in 1907 and ended in 1926. The Silver Ghost was produced at the Manchester, U.K Rolls-Royce plant where there would be only 8,000 examples of this car produced. As you would expect the construction of this car was super expensive. The first model contained a 7.oL engine and the chassis alone was worth $11,750, which was pretty costly during that era. The innovation most certainly paid off because critics praised these cars saying they did not have a "glaring weakness." Throughout the years the price tag for the Silver Ghost continued to rise. In 2019 a Silver Ghost was sold for a whopping $75,000,00! Keeping its status as one of the most expensive cars.

The Rolls Royce Ghost

Now, if we were to bring our focus back to modern times. With the unveiling of the New Rolls Royce Ghost in 2009 at the Frankfurt Motor Show, Rolls Royce has definitely kept its reputation of being a staple in the luxury automobile manufacturing companies. The Rolls Royce was crafted to exude luxury and status and for over 100 years they have not failed.

During production, the Ghost was classified as "RRo4" and was built to give the Mercedes Benz S Class & Bently Flying Spur competition. Being an updated version of the Silver Ghost it has a much powerful engine a 6.7 liter V-12 that produces 563 hp. The Ghost can hit up to 60 mph in 4.6 seconds! Wowza! The Ghost boasts as having one of the most luxurious car interiors ever made as well. The attention to detail is astounding as it features a dashboard that lights up and glows when the Ghost is turned on. Sadly in this article, we're not placing too much focus on the features of the 2021 Rolls Royce Ghost as it is too much to mention in this article.

Just know the exterior and interior of this car is any luxurious car lover's dream. It has certainly driven its way into our hearts here at ThatLuxuryClub. As of now, the 2021 version of the Ghost is going for around $311,000, it most certainly is a far cry from the $75 mil we just spent on the Silver Ghost, but give it some time I'm sure in the future this car will be worth millions!

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