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It Takes Seven Years to make this 3.5 million bottle of Tequila

What gets better with age and has to be sipped to be able to enjoy its maximum potential? You're absolutely right! Tequila! The staple drink for taking shots during a wild night out or a drink to be enjoyed neat during a nice bath in a margarita glass has become a favored drink in the US.

Tequila originates from the region of Jalisco, in an area near the city of Tequila found North of Guadalajara, Mexico. This area is now considered a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This delightful alcoholic beverage is primarily made from the blue agave plant. It is an old alcoholic drink with production dating back to the 16th century, with the first drink not being established until 1666. Mexican laws state that tequilla can only be manufactured in the state of Jalisco and limited municipalities. Countries like Canada and the US have laws that state they can only sell tequila manufactured in Mexico.

Even though most people use tequila for shots when drinking more aged versions sipping is better. Like most alcoholic beverages, the longer the aged the higher quality it is. The darker color also denotes a richer flavor it is. That is why it's of no shock that it takes seven years to make this extremely costly type of Tequila.

But the aging process depends on the type of tequila you're drinking.

Tequila Blanco is clear color and can only be aged for up to 60 days. This drink is can be purchased at a low cost.

Joven Tequila or golden tequila is mixed with tequila blanco with different flavors added. This another drink which is not aged very long, making it inexpensive.

Tequila Reposado is aged from two to nine months and is usually placed in wooded caskets. The purpose of the casket is to soften the sharpness of the tequila and give it an oaky flavor. This also provides a soft yellow color.

Tequila Anejo is known as aged tequila. It is usually aged in barrels where it stays anywhere between 18 months to about 3 years. The result is a dark color and a balance in taste between the agave and oak flavor

Extra Anejo Tequila, is the most aged spirit on this list. This drink is typically aged for more than three years which in turn yields the richest aromas & the richest flavor. Keep in mind though this drink doesn't go well for a crazy night of shots. This drink is to be sipped, perhaps with a nice cigar! (We're probably going to do an article soon on cigars, I digress though)

When it comes to producing high-quality tequila, there is a lot that goes into it. High-quality tequila must be made from 100% Weber blue agave juice and cannot be mixed with other ingredients. The presentation of tequila also serves a huge role in producing its high-quality label. There have been costly tequila bottles that have been made. In fact, the drink we are about to look at in 2006 was given the Guinness world record for the most expensive bottle of liquor ever sold.

Tequila Ley.925: This astounding unique collector's item is worth a whopping 3.5 million dollars. It takes about seven years to age while rested in barrels. The butterscotch & vanilla aromas are acquired from aging the liquor in oak barrels for eighteen months. Although it's the same tequila other vintage collector bottles are filled with, the high cost is from the bottle or also known as LeyDiamente. This bottle is made from 2 kilos of platinum (Which is also the most expensive metal in the world) and 4,100 perfectly laid white diamonds. So if you have 3.5 million dollars in your pocket burning a hole, the bottle alone is definitely worth the buy!

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