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Get Hired To Gamble At The Most Luxurious Spots in Las Vegas

If luck be a lady tonight, you read that caption correctly. The online gambling website BonusFinder is searching for one lucky person to send to Las Vegas to review hotels, casinos, and other activities. The company stated that they will give the successful candidates $2,000 for casino spending money and will pay $500 for the person's times and reviews. Luxury accommodations and travel expenses will also be included. The job will mostly entail reviewing the "luxurious aesthetic of the casinos, in addition, the lucky person will give reviews of the variation of games to play, service of the staff, the quality of the dealers, the atmosphere within the casinos, and more. Before we confirm that this is something we would really like to do let's take a little look into some of the more luxurious side of Las Vegas and check out what "sin city" has to offer.

The Skyloft at MGM Grand is one of the five-star luxury hotels you'll find in Vegas, and also one of the most expensive ones. Staying there will cost you over $800 per night. With stunning views of the city, rooms that are cozy in design, infinity spa tubs in the rooms, and even personal butler service, I surely wouldn't mind being paid to check out the amenities this hotel has to offer. Oh yea, did we mention? A private limo also picks you up from the airport as well.

Looking for another five-star hotel? A master at providing high levels of comfort and intimacy, Four Seasons Las Vegas continually offers this kind of experience. This hotel features several restaurants, luxurious spas, and a private pool. The rooms have a modern contemporary feel to them. Again another hotel I would not mind getting paid to review.

Okay, I think I've even convinced the gang here at LuxuryClub to look into giving this competition a shot. But we won't we will leave that up to you guys. If you're interested, a simple google search will land you in front of the application! Good Luck to you all!

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